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We are a team of pet lovers with professionals in design, marketing, engineering, and production. Through the innovation of design on pet accessories, we believe our products will help to improve the living with our dogs and cats on feeding, sleeping, hair caring as well as playing indoor or outdoor. We hope you will get interested in our pet supplies and sharing your experience with us after using them!

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We are most welcome to develop foreign markets with global importers, distributors, wholesalers & retailers on our dogs and cats accessories. As a Hong Kong-based company with OEM in China, Thailand, and Vietnam, we have the advantage to access engineering & manufacturing sources within the Asian region. With our team of innovative designers and marketing people, we for sure will deliver products to serve our customers’ needs all around the world.

Our range of products includes food bowls, water bowls, pet caves, scratchers, pet furniture, sleeping bed, poop bags, feeding mats, hair removers, lifestyle gifts, and more to come.

Please feel free to contact us through the below contacts for further discussion...



We are very pleased to have Mr. Kawanishi of ASH COMPANY who has the exclusive right to promo and sell our DONUT CAVE to Japan! Meanwhile, You are most welcome to below links supporting the DONUT Crowdfunding on 30th July 2021

Donut crowdfund landing page

ASHcompany homepage


We hope you will get interest to try our products, and to share your experience with us after using them! You are most welcome to send your ideas, comments, pictures, or videos through the below link to us. We will upload to our sites and to share with our user community; so as to improve our product functionality & to generate new products.



In order to support our pet lovers’ community, we will donate 1% of each product sold to local or foreign non-profit organizations on pets. Meanwhile, our company donates GREENPEACE monthly to support their programs against global warming. We hope whatever we earn from global consumption, we need to distribute the earnings back to our society to improve our lives no matter for humans or other species on earth.

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