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Pet Hair Remover, Reusable Animal Hair Removal Brush for Dogs & Cats, Auto Interior Detailer, Portable Fur Brush for Carpet, Furniture, Rugs, Laundry, Clothes, Bedding, Sofa, Towel, Cat House, Cat Cave, Car Seat, Car Bed, Carpet Comforter, Edge Sweeping, Deep Cleaning, Dead End corner Digging



SKU: PH2201G
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    • [4 SWEEPING MODES] Our pet hair remover provides 2 density of teeth, a flat blade & 2 arcs of teeth for different cleaning scenarios. The Flat Blade deals with smooth surface like wooden tile & fine mat. The Fine Teeth works with medium soft fabrics. The Rough Teeth digs hair from coarse rugs. The Arc Teeth design digs out stubborn embedded hair from a curve surface. Pro tip: you won’t believe how much fur to pile up, a handy vacuum is better to standby to collect the piled up hair!
    • [HARD-TO-REACH AREA REMOVER] Our special angled design pointer with teeth on both sides can easily clean up the hair in dead end like the gaps of sofa, bench, couch or car seat. Our advanced hair brush detailer is capable to remove stubbornly embedded pet hair from car mats or any fabric furniture; that is much faster than vacuuming alone! The soft & durable plastic blade won’t harm the fabric, plastic, glass, chrome or wood.
    • [WASHABLE, REUSABLE, COMPACT] The single-use sticky lint roller sheets need replacement that wasting money & eco-unfriendly. Our pet hair remover is sturdy, reusable and easy to clean; you only need to clean the surface with a wet towel then dry it naturally, convenient and environmentally friendly. Its mini & flatten design comes with a metal hook allows to put in anywhere (including your back pack); for sure without a burden!
    • [ERGONOMIC DESIGN PERFECT GIFT] The angular handle is designed to well-fitted with your hand & fingers, make it easy to hold & feel comfortable. Repeated shaving will not feel tired. Simply to use short quick strokes from varying directions to gather pet hair into piles. All those elements turn our remover to be a perfect gift to yourself or your love ones. Order it now & get a try! If you are not 100% satisfied, welcome to contact our customer support for a full refund.


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